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Most companies could be doing more with what they already have. At Circumference, we help you identify gaps, bottlenecks and other impediments to optimal performance, then we help you fix the issues according to your schedule and budget.

A little here and a little there can go a very long way. Let us show you how.

Strengthening Canadian Manufacturers with Custom Software and Business Solutions

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Solutions For Your Business Needs.

Get More From What You've Got

Sometimes a few tweaks here and there are all that's needed to get things humming. We help companies extend the life and capabilities of their existing systems - an affordable way to get optimum performance without the disruption and cost of complete system and process overhauls.

Poor Data - Poor You

Business intelligence relies on quality data delivered in customized and accessible forms to suit stakeholder needs. By establishing access to secure, clean and accurate data with custom KPI and dashboards, we help you enhance performance, reduce errors, and improve visibility of your processes.

Get What It's Worth

Just because you may not have family to take over the business, there's no reason to let your legacy whither away. With small, affordable adjustments to improve your company's performance, you can be attractive to a wider range of prospective buyers and sell your business - for what it's worth.

Manufacturers: Get Clarity on Industry 4.0, Starting With a Complimentary Readiness Assessment!

Many manufacturers see Industry 4.0 as an unreachable ideal, but the fact is, you're probably a lot closer than you think. Let us help you gain clarity, and show you what an Industry 4.0 capable facility looks like – in the context of your own business.

Our complimentary Readiness Assessment will help you understand how to become Industry 4.0 qualified by making small, paced improvements to your systems and processes according to a schedule and budget that suits you. Contact us today to book your assessment!

How Good Is Your Reporting?

Regardless of your existing systems, we connect you to your data and generate dashboards suited to every stakeholder’s KPIs, based on secure, clean, real-time information.

The Circumference Orbit

Through three decades of associations with key industry experts Circumference has established itself as a hub to connect business owners with the precise services or expertise they need.

We CONNECT you with expertise, as opposed to subcontracting experts to you – so you don't pay additional mark-ups.

Share Wisdom. Gain Wisdom.

Circumference organizes regular peer-to-peer mentoring and networking sessions in the Ottawa and Kitchener areas and provides regularly scheduled pearls of wisdom to registered members of our audience through our "Executive Wisdom" and "Smart in 60 Seconds" series.

Build Your Knowledge And Your Network

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Executive Wisdom Series

These collections of short videos address common issues that impact performance and profitability in manufacturing and other sectors, and provide expert insights into how to help your business, uh, live long, and prosper.

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Get Smart(er) In 60 Seconds

Now you can get help from industry experts on the topics that matter most to you. Sign up for this series of short and sweet responses to your most pressing questions from experts who've been there - and fixed it.

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Ottawa and Kitchener Meet-Ups

Join us in the Ottawa and Kitchener areas for information packed meetings with peers to learn how others like you are succeeding in achieving, sustaining and building upon their business and personal objectives.

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We'd love to hear from you, whether it's about getting more from what you've already got, improving your visibility and reporting capabilities, preparing your business for sale – or to simply get more information about other ways we can help.

You may also use the accompanying form to sign up for our Executive Wisdom or Get Smart in 60 Seconds series, or to request advance notices for meet-ups we're holding in the Ottawa and Kitchener areas.

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