Business Technology Services

Mission Critical Business Technologies

Mission Critical Business Technologies

Generally speaking, technology services provide customers and employees with specialized technology-oriented solutions by combining their expertise in areas such as software, hardware, and telecommunications. In today's critical service delivery environment, Technology Services are the backbone of an effective and efficient workflow while also playing a vital role in the management, communication, and administration of a thriving customer base.

In addition, the quality level of a service can improve or deteriorate customer loyalty to your business, so it’s vital to stay current and understand how to maximize existing legacy technologies to help your business anticipate customer needs. Technology services can also greatly improve the efficiency of employees, which can certainly result in a more cost-effective workflow.

Outsourcing technology services is an efficient and rewarding practice, as it allows businesses to gain financial benefits and lets them focus on their core business functions rather than worry about implementing their own system. Businesses will also benefit from very specialized expertise that they may not be able to otherwise obtain, which accelerates the speed at which their products or services are delivered. Here at Circumference, our team is comprised of a very experienced team of IT pros who specialize in offering these services (and more) to mid-sized businesses.

Although our technical skill sets cover a broad spectrum of capabilities, we focus on the following important areas of technology services:

System Integration

System integration is the process of integrating different systems and software applications, both physically and digitally, to act in harmony. We will help you with this process and ensure that there will be as little interruption of services and business operations as possible


If you’re looking to update your older applications, implement new ones, or deploy Software-as-a- Service (SaaS), we have the depth of expertise to to handle any of these assignments. We can offer standardized solutions to improve the availability and agility of your business, which can enhance customer experience.


Handheld communication devices that connect to wireless networks have become a staple for business workflows. Whether it’s implementing a mobile system for your business, dealing with the surge of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) by employees or offering technical support, we can provide knowledgeable professionals to help with these issues.

Cyber Security

With an increased reliance on new devices and web connected services to store and manage assets, business have now (sometimes unknowingly) taken on the new responsibility of managing their own digital security. We offer cyber security audits, provide organizational awareness and possess the ability implement a system to give businesses a peace-of-mind that their data and workstations are protected from malicious attacks.

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow users to access services on demand through the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers instead of a company's own on-premises servers, allowing them to access data from anywhere in the world. As such, we can implement efficient and cost-effective Cloud Services for any type of use case you may have.