Security Roundtables - Feb '15

February 27, 2015 | Kryisty's Restaurant, Ottawa, ON

Circumference would like to invite you to a breakfast to follow up on the VENUS event of January and to hear more about your roles in this new cybersecurity ecosystem. We would like to invite continuing participation from our existing community and welcome new IT security concerned organizations that are up for this challenge - early. The Circumference objective is to foster an informal “Peer to Peer” forum for sharing IT management challenges.


7:30 AM - Meet, Greet, Network
Introductions -
Circumference - Don Cormier

8:00 AM - Breakfast
Discussions - Participants
Table Topic - Ambassadors - is IT responsible for endpoint security education? (Users and Executives)

9:00 AM - Wrap up
Next event - Lee Carey
Thank you - John Peacock

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