Our Integration Services

Providing competitive, world-class support for your mission-critical information systems.

Integration is about bringing together different applications to function as a single system or platform to streamline your business processes. Using mismatched software platforms can suppress information flow throughout your organization, which can have a negative impact on productivity. Our system integration solutions and services include custom applications development and service oriented architecture (SOA) projects.

As a company grows, the number of applications used in their processes typically increases as well. These applications include databases, document storage systems as well as customer relationship management systems (CRMs). These applications rarely integrate well together out of the box.

In order to improve efficiency companies purchase Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERPs) systems to include in their technology innovation strategy. However, the biggest challenges for organizations to overcome when implementing an ERP are the risks associated with data migration, business adoption as well as losses due to disruptions during implementation and the complexity of integrating these systems with their current business processes.

Our Integration services will help your business achieve the following:

Reduce Costs

Instead of replacing your IT infrastructure to meet your growing demands our integration systems will grow with your business helping your business cut costs.

Increase Efficiency

Integration eliminates redundant tasks such as manual re-entering of data which also makes the system less vulnerable to human error.

Improve Security

Operating separate platforms increase the chance of exposing security risks. A single enterprise-wide platform will guarantee greater consistency and security for all applications.

System Integration

Developing a solution to support multiple platforms in today's rapidly transforming business environment can be difficult. We adapt our system integration services to the unique needs of each organization we work with. We will help your business maximize the return of your IT investment. We are capable of connecting the latest technologies to ensure full compatibility and data integration. Our extensive knowledge of enterprise architecture allows us to deploy and integrate systems either on-premise or in the cloud (SaaS).

System Services

Our system integration services assist our clients in implementing and integrating up-to-date technologies to meet their specific goals. From planning and design to development and management of your solutions, Circumference will help solve all your integration challenges including;

  • System Planning
  • System Design
  • System Development
  • System Validation
  • System Management
  • Infrastructure Change

Data Migration

The data stored is the most critical part in the IT infrastructure of any modern business. Business data may include things such as customer information, financial accounts etc. The smooth operation and success of your business depends upon this information. Data migration is a complex and risky process that we have perfected through experience.

We have the expertise to successfully migrate your legacy data to your new integrated system. On the other hand we can enable the new integrated system to access data from your present systems. Our data migration experts will involve your teams throughout the data migration process. This will guarantee the safety of all your vital information and successful integration into the new system fast with minimal downtime, within set deadlines and budgets. Learn More about our Data Migration Services.


We carefully evaluate the needs of the client's business for every development project. Through the partnership we establish with the IT teams of our clients, we analyze and design enterprise software applications and system integration blueprints. We conceptualize the architecture and design of the applications and the integrated system. Our agile development methodology for both native and hybrid applications is essential for integration. We have exceptional expertise in software prototyping, code development, modularization of software, unit and performance testing as well as deployment. Learn more about our Application Development.