On Spec. On Time. On Budget.

Our Systems Help Ensure Your Products Are Built To Spec And That Quality Is Easily Traced, Audited And Reported On.

Engineered Solutions

Circumference engineers, designs, develops and implements technical business solutions for precision manufacturing companies and service providers in the aerospace, utilities and defence industries. Our solutions are based on detailed engineering requirements identified by our experts in close communication with stakeholders. We place high emphasis on requirements analysis and quality control, and on creating purpose-built solutions to drive manufacturing and service efficiencies with quality assurance and audit controls built in.

Applications | Security | Accessibility | Performance

Circumference Provides Business and Technology Services to Strengthen Canadian Companies in Local to Global Markets

Our History

Decades of Innovation || Loyal, Tenured Expert People || Leadership & Pedigree || Responsive and Adaptable || Consistently Delivering Above Expectations

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Our Strengths

We Range Beyond Simple Solutions || We Understand Business || We Understand What It Takes || We SPEAK Business - Not Jargon || We Are Deeply And Broadly Experienced

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Our People

Deep In Business, Technical And Software Expertise || A Culture Of Inclusion And Appreciation || Experienced, Accomplished Leadership

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We Engineer Information Management Systems To Serve You Now - And In The Future

Featuring Documentation Strategies That Ensure Rapid Delivery Of Accurate And Traceable Proof Of Quality

We Have An Engineered Solution For You.

Contact us today to apply for a complimentary, in-depth information session to learn how Circumference can improve your business systems, processes and bottom line. Many of our clients are dealing with rapid growth - and struggling with documentation, multi-level audits and proof of quality issues - all often due to the inappropriate/overuse of spreadsheets. We'll help you overcome those limitations and by engineering systems and processes to create scalable information and change management solutions for now  - and for the future. 

What pain are you dealing with? We can help.