Tech Support Analyst

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Current Opportunity
Tech Support Analyst
Site: TBA
Reports to: Director, Client Support
Salary: Commensurate with level of experience
Hours: Part Time, Contract, Full Time
Service Areas Include:
  • System Design
  • System Planning
  • Development
  • Validation
  • Implementation
  • Process Mapping
  • Systems Management
  • Existing Legacy Systems Infrastructure Support
  • Infrastructure Change
  • Systems Integration
  • Cyber Security
  • Application Program and Process Support
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Change Management
  • Mobility Systems Design, Implementation and Maintenance
As a Tech Support Analyst your main responsibilities are:
  • Providing administration, implementation and support for client IT infrastructure (network, systems, database, applications)
  • Providing help desk and desk side support
  • Performing backups and restores and maintaining compliance with policies
  • Maintaining client hardware and software including asset management
  • Ensuring adherence to all Security standards through constant reengineering of security protocols
  • Collaborating with client end users to determine requirements
  • Ensuring that client management is fully aware of system modifications and proposed changes
  • Ensuring that documentation exists for any application or hardware changes that take place
Keys to Success
  • You have previous experience
  • You are well organized with strong, client focused, communication skills
  • You have strong customer service and interpersonal skills
  • You have analytical, evaluative and problem solving abilities
  • You are highly self motivated and directed with the ability to prioritize
  • You have the ability to handle complex business problems
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About Circumference:
Circumference works with mid sized organizations to solve business and technology problems that arise from the changing ways of doing business. With change affecting almost every aspect of their business our clients realize they can’t have all the people, or expertise, necessary to efficiently and cost effectively make the transitions themselves so they work with Circumference. Circumference addresses their needs by offering on demand, interim and shared resources in areas not considered to be part of their organization’s primary focus. This enables Circumference clients to implement mission critical changes with reduced risk and without the need to increase permanent staff levels.