Made in Canada 2016
Southern Ontario Defense Association

by Rick Bannerman | Mar 30, 2016 | Events

The Southern Ontario Defense Association (SODA) Made in Canada event is coming up tomorrow, and we are excited to share that our team will be there! There are some great speakers lined up, learn about the Build in Canada Innovation Program as well as talks about the Canadian Security Materials Technology Roadmap and Identifying Future Capability Needs. The event will be an exceptional networking opportunity, as well as a place for us to gain more knowledge of the industries and business sector in Canada.

Other speakers are expected to give presentations on different aspects of the conference. They include guests such as:

  • Hamid Shirazi from the Ministry of Economic Development
  • Jim Glover, who is the Burloak Technologies, CEO
  • Gary L. Biermann who works with Lockheed Martin as the Regional Technology Manager
  • Henrik Noesgaard who is the Southern Ontario Defence Association's President
  • And many more!

This conference event will be held on March 31, 2016, in the Carousel Room in the Western Fair District. This entire event is centered on boosting the innovation coming out of Canada and how companies can test our new products within the government before heading to market with them. It will give tools to help get more research and development in the products before taking them to the consumers.

The networking potential at the Made in Canada conference is unlimited. We'll have the chance to learn about new suppliers, make connections for existing supplies we need and for those we may have need of in the future.

The one-day event is sure to be a fountain of knowledge for all who attend. From the workshops with those working in the field to the fascinating topics during the morning's presentation.

If you're stopping by, visit the Circumference Team at booth #31. We hope to see you there!

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