How to Have Successful Projects

by Peter Lehman | Jun 22, 2016 | Business Strategy

Circumference has learned a lot about what makes projects successful and it comes down to one word CONTROL. Someone needs to be in charge. Even in a small project, involving only two or three people, someone needs to make the final decisions and be accountable for the success or failure of the project. But control is of no value at all unless other elements are also incorporated into the project process.

Here’s a list of requirements we have found to be necessary for a successful project:

  1. Someone has control.
  2. The person with control is the person who is responsible for the project.
  3. The goals are understood by everyone.
  4. The timetable is realistic.
  5. Management, and project participants, are engaged, committed and accountable.
  6. The necessary people skills and budget required are available.
  7. The group involved in the project are part of the solution.
  8. Everyone knows their role and the role of others involved in the project.
  9. In the event that something is unclear or missing participants are encouraged to communicate and bring the problem into the open.
  10. Documentation is created and kept current so that reference is easy.

Using the Circumference Approach™ Circumference enables their clients to complete their projects at a lower cost, efficiently, with reduced risk and without the need to increase permanent staff.

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