Security BSides Returns to Ottawa

by Rick Bannerman | Sept 22, 2016 | Events

The last weekend of the month (September 29 and 30) is Security BSides in Ottawa, and we will be there! This conference is a grassroots effort that brings together many top level experts in the security industry, and we’re proud to say that Circumference is a sponsor of the 2016 conference. We’re eagerly awaiting the chance to listen to the many different speakers and panels that are being lined up and to take part in the other activities the conference organizing committee has selected.

The new activity for this year’s event is the lockpick village. Here, attendees will be able to test their lockpicking ability to see if they can get past a locked door. Different picks will be available for you to use on a variety of doors, some more challenging than others. Will you be able to bypass what, for many, is the first and last line of physical security? We can’t wait to see how our team does and to join in the discussion regarding security engineering that’s sure to come from this experiment.

We’re also looking forward to the annual Capture the Flag event, a virtual battle to see who can claim the top prize in categories such as reverse engineering and network penetration. In fact, the game is the perfect example of why everyone needs to have a Cyber-Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP). That’s what we’re focusing on for Security BSides 2016, and we hope many SMB leaders will take the time to discuss why having a CSIRP is vital to their business’s success.

Having a CSIRP will give a business an outline for dealing with a cyber-security incident, whether it’s a hacker who has locked you out of your system or a cyber-thief who has walked away with critical data. You need a response plan for all scenarios, and that’s what we will help you with.

We hope to see you at Security BSides in Ottawa at the end of the month to discuss CSIRPs with you!

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