Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity threats are real - can you afford the risk of being unprepared?

The number, speed and sophistication of cybersecurity breaches continue to increase as weaknesses in the IT infrastructures and ineffective employee security protocols of small to medium sized businesses are targeted. The financial costs of intrusions continue to rise as cyber attacks become more advanced. Given the ever-increasing threat of attack, it is only prudent that small and medium-sized businesses mitigate risks to minimize financial impact.

Your clients, suppliers, and partners want to know how prepared you are to tackle and reduce these potential risks. We can help!

Our security consultants have the skills and experience needed to ensure your system is secure. Each one of our expert security consultants have extensive security experience and maintain the certifications required to manage and implement your strategic security program. Serving as part-time members of your staff, our security consultants extend and heighten the security expertise and capabilities of your team. In addition, you get the benefit of a flexible service delivery model aligned to your staffing and budgeting constraints. Circumference not only implements advanced, layered cyber-security technologies, but also prepares organizations, at the business level, to respond to inevitable cyber-attacks.


Cybersecurity Assessment

Are you prepared for a cyber attack? Our team of security consultants will help you identify any security risks in your system and strategically build or strengthen your cybersecurity program. After assessing and analyzing the potential cyber risks we provide you with actionable security insights that allow you to make informed decisions about the future of your cybersecurity program.

Incident Response Plan

Do you have an incident response plan? Is the plan realistic? Are you ready? We can help. IT departments at small and medium sized businesses usually lack the time and resources to proactively defend against cybersecurity attacks, yet they are held accountable if a security breach occurs. Circumference will help you develop a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) specifically designed around your organization’s requirements. Your CSIRP will document procedures for your team to follow, to effectively respond to a security breach and minimize the risk of disrupted operations by preparing you for even the most sophisticated attacks.

Forensic Analysis

Our cybersecurity experts will conduct a forensic analysis to quickly identify, contain and eliminate any threats, alleviating the impact of the intrusion. We will work alongside your team to identify the source of the attack, the exact target, how the attacker gained access and what data may have been stolen during the breach. We will determine the appropriate next steps, and help you react and recover from even the most devastating cybersecurity attacks. If you believe that you are the victim or a target of a cyber attack, please contact us immediately for guidance.


Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) - 2-Day On-site Workshop

To support you and to help your organization manage risks, Circumference has developed a 2-day onsite workshop led by an Incident Response Planning team, experts in risk mitigation recovery. This workshop utilizes a rapid proven methodology, helping your team build an incident response plan to suit your organization. This plan identifies the appropriate controls and roles ensuring uninterrupted business that continues to meet its mission critical requirement.

While on-site, the Circumference Incident Response Planning team rapidly integrates with your organization to review its systems, requirements and overall compliance. The team determines and prioritizes risks to mission critical security breaches, collaborates on related emerging developments that can impact it, and ensures compliance to relevant regulations. The outcome of this workshop is an executive plan that includes a contingency sequence of assignments and activities. It ensures controls are restored promptly, and all necessary actions are taken to update stakeholders, measure the impact and manage the incident. It is a customized incident response plan that delivers a comprehensive guide for your organization, to proactively recover from security breach incidents.