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Introducing Cyber Security 101 - With A Complimentary Website Scan & Report

Your website connects you to the entire world and makes you constantly available to customers and suppliers alike. That can be an enormous advantage to your business, but it can also place you at significant risk.

Hackers are constantly looking to embed programs that get downloaded by unsuspecting visitor's with each page view. In most of these cases, you are not the target – it's your customers and supply chain partners the hackers are after. You need to ensure that your site is secure – and that your customers and partners are protected.

Let Us Find Any Red Flags And Show You How To Remove Them

Circumference is pleased to offer you a complimentary website scan to identify any potential red flags. This non-disruptive scan is highly recommended, particularly for companies using popular website construction platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, as these platforms are prime targets of cyber criminals.

If we don't find any issues, we'll let you know, and schedule you for complimentary periodic scans to quietly keep an eye on things for you.

If we do identify issues, we'll tell you what they are and how to fix them yourself, or, outline services we provide to fix them for you. You aren't under obligation to use our services. They're simply outlined and made available should you choose to use them.

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Time To Take The First Step!

To apply for a complimentary website scan just fill out the accompanying form or contact Stephen McInnes at 519-897-0499. We'll schedule a test to see if your website may be vulnerable, and run the non-disruptive scan at your earliest convenience.

You should also inquire about our in-depth expert Security Consultation offer. Qualifying companies receive up to a half-day of COMPLIMENTARY expert security consultation designed to help establish their security and compliance requirements, insurance and budgetary needs.

When it comes to your business security, we can help.

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