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Mission Critical Applications

By leveraging recent advancements in cloud, mobility, and other enabling technologies, our application development and complete life-cycle maintenance services help our clients to fully realize the value of their products. In addition, our application services allow you to both produce and maintain high-performance, outcome-driven results that will give you a competitive edge. We will also work you so that you don’t lose the core ideals of your business when modernizing your older, legacy applications.

Using our best-in-class focus customer service, we offer the following assistance in application development:

Multi-platform development

As a developer, you will likely need to find solutions for compatibility across multiple platforms when developing your applications. This is an important feature to implement, as potential and current customers use a variety of different devices on their mobile and computing devices. We will help you seamlessly develop and transition your applications to the platforms of your choosing.

Object-oriented analysis and design

Having good object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) practices can greatly benefit a developer as it creates better stakeholder communication and product quality. With OOAD we will offer a superior technical approach and methodology for creating an application.

GUI Design

The design of a user interface can seriously influence whether your website or application will fail or become a success. Even if you have a superior product, if a user finds the interface to be overly complicated and hard to navigate, there is a high probability that you will lose their business. We will help you ensure that your potential customers receive the best possible user-experience, blending a balance between attractive design with ease of use and intuitive navigation.

User requirement specifications

With extensive User Requirement Specifications experience, we will help define your business needs relating to what users require from your product. It is ideal to have this mapped out in the early stages of development, so let us make sure that you have a superior plan mapped out.

User documentation

Having superior user documentation habits (i.e. reliable documentation to guide workflows) can add a significant advantage to your business. You likely are--or will be--supporting multiple applications at once, so it is vital to have documentation in place to track all aspects of each application you are developing. It should be functional and adaptable. We can help you accomplish all of this and show you how to efficiently develop, maintain, and transfer this knowledge to colleagues.

Our wide range of experience includes:

IFS Data Migration
SharePoint Services
.Net Development
Cocoa Touch
eCCS Dynamic Vu
eCCS Now
eCCS SAS Server

MFC Classes, SQL, SQL Server
Objective Grid from RogueWave
PeopleSoft Security
SAP Security

Solaris using MainWin from MainSoft
SQL Server C#, C++, C
Stingray Objective Toolkit
Studio .Net
UniCAD Framework
Unix Development
Windows Development
and more...