Cloud Services

Scalable Cloud Service Solutions for Mission Critical Systems

Mission Critical Cloud Services

Cloud computing and its services are, in laymen’s terms, essentially Internet-based computing. Previously, people only had the option of accessing applications, documents and other content from an on-site, physical computer or server. Cloud computing gives people access to this exact same kind of functionality through the Internet; anywhere and on any device.

The advantages that can be leveraged from the cloud are certainly undeniable and businesses are well aware of this. They are increasingly spending more and more money on cloud services as each year progresses as implementing Cloud functionality into your business significantly increases flexibility.

Here are some of the more important benefits with Cloud computing:

Service Deployment

With Cloud technology, services can be promptly deployed and ready to go within a minutes, something that previously took weeks and sometimes even months. Let us use our experience to help you accomplish this.

Accessible on any device

Because the vast majority of workers now have access to web-enabled devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks), Cloud computing allows them to be much more flexible in their work practices. If an employee has access to the Internet, they can access data from home, during a business trip, or even the commute to and from work. Having access to data while off-site can be a huge benefit to businesses, as it allows businesses to hire remote-working employees, saving precious office space and resources.

Technology infrastructure Costs

Cloud services allow businesses to seamlessly maintain access to your information with very little upfront spending. You can often set up an on-demand payment plan as well as the option to go for a weekly, quarterly or yearly scheme. This adds a significant amount of flexibility to businesses in all kinds of industries.


The Cloud offers extensive backup and recovery services as well as the ability to recover from disasters much more quickly than on-site backup plans. Cloud service providers will ensure the least amount of downtime possible for your business.

Document Control

Versioning control can become a serious issue when managing the same files between multiple users. Without the Cloud, colleagues have to continuously send files back and forth using email, creating multiple versions of the same document on different computers, creating the risk of improper versioning and content being erased. Businesses that use the Cloud keeps all of their files in one central location, which can be accessed by all workers; everyone edits the same, single file, increasing workflow efficiency and thus eliminating future headaches and improving the bottom line.