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Our Mission Critical Contact Centre Services

Contact Centre Offering

Contact Centres today have evolved from front office /order-taking operations, of the past, to performance managed environments giving measured service to clients, in the channel of their choice, when they wish to contact the organization. With this evolution, centres have equipped themselves with the right people, proven processes and leading edge technologies to move from being reactionary in approach to one of proactively managing and anticipating clients’ real or perceived needs.

The contact centre of today is managed and developed with continuous streams of performance data that measures the effectiveness of each focus area and their impact on the business. For centres to move to this high performance environment they must possess leading edge Contact Centre processes and technologies to enable front line contact excellence from their employees.

We have significant experience in single and multi-site environments and have engaged in business case development, consolidation effectiveness, return on investment (ROI) and detailed future mode of operations (FMO) implementation plans.

Circumference has the depth and breadth of experience to move your organization to excellence in operational and financial effectiveness. You require a team, such as ours, that has a unique combination of experience including: contact centre technology assessment, contact flow, workforce management, performance measurement, high performance coaching, training development and quality program effectiveness.

Site Selection Assistance

In the past, businesses didn’t think too much about where their Call Centres were located, and essentially placed them wherever they had space available. This could be anywhere. However, organizations have begun to realize that not all locations are ideal when trying to operating a Call Centre; there are certainly more effective places to have them. In short, they started to think of them as any other business.

The location of your Call Centre can have an impact on cost, staff turnover, customer satisfaction and more. These are just a few factors that you need to consider when establishing a new call centre. Let Circumference and our extensive experience help you find the most efficient location for your Call Centre!

Workforce Management Development

The successful development of your company’s workforce is vital in determining the survival, effectiveness and competitiveness of your business. Circumference can optimize Workforce Management Development (WFM) processes within your contact centre. We have extensive experience in deploying WFM processes for organizations in many different industries with a focus on forecasting to improve short, mid, and long-term projections; scheduling, where we review how you plan shifts, non-phone tasks, and holidays/vacations in order to make sure that they are all integrated in the most efficient way possible; and staffing requirements, where we provide you with an analysis, as well as options, on how to best leverage resources and skills to maximize your results.

Strategic Visioning

Circumference has a strong background in helping many different organizations to develop their strategic plans on how valuable their contact centres are to their organization. As such, we can guide you on how to give your contact centres the structure they need in order to succeed as well as complement your own vision. With our industry experience, we will help you improve revenues, cut costs, implement a multichannel service strategy, outsource, and even improve your self-service abilities. We will tailor your strategy so that it will drive profitability, meet your business goals, and future-proof your organization.

Contact Management Strategy

Utilizing your Contact Centre Strategic Vision, we can lead your organization in the development of a Contact Management Strategy. This involves the development of “Current State Model”, a snapshot of the present capabilities of the Contact Centre. Once this is known the information is then compared your organization to leading practice organizations in six different business functional areas. With this information we will then facilitate a process to determine where your organization needs to move to fulfill its’ Strategic Vision and develop a plan with you to help you get there.

Flow Chart of Contact Management Strategy

Contact Quality

It is vital that Contact centers provide quality services to both current and potential customers by telephone, email, and chat. This is often measured through a listening team that reviews contacts and the scores based on a predetermined set of criteria. Unfortunately, organizations sometimes have an ineffective reporting system. Circumference, however, has developed Customer Quality Reporting as a service to help organizations to effectively measure and gauge customer satisfaction. We provide monthly reports on Customer Satisfaction, First Call Resolution (FCR) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) all the way to the agent level. We will also customize our goals to meet your organization’s vision in best practices.

Contact Centre Assessment

Circumference can help you create a plan that will improve overall performance, operational effectiveness/efficiency, and your customer experience. To achieve this, we offer an extensive portfolio of contact centre assessments services, such as:

  • Contact Flow
  • Contact Quality
  • Managing with Data
  • Operating Costs:
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Service Level Management Abandons / Service Levels
  • Workforce Management
  • Human Resources
  • Technology Effectiveness
  • Performance Management
  • Physical Location/Ergonomics
Small Contact Centre Assessment

Smaller Contact Centres (1 – 15 Agents) have many of the same capabilities of larger centres but are very unique because of their size and technology availability. Managing with data in this environment, for performance management and service level, is critical as each CSR can impact the bottom line to a greater extent than one agent in a large centre. The following 2 Day Assessment explores all critical components of the centre and provides a “go forward” plan to ensure effective management and cost efficiency for your centre.

Flow Chart of Contact Centre Assessment

Contact Centre Training

Because you Contact Centre staff doesn’t have the options of using body language to convey information, it is important to have effective vocal techniques, as it is the only tool they can use when dealing with customers. As such, your staff must understand why speaking to customers in an effective and professional way can help your organization’s brand image. In addition, we also offer management training based on our extensive industry experience.

Management Training
Coaching for Results

Coaching can directly impact productivity of your employees, their loyalty to your organization and their commitment to achieving your business objectives. This 2-day workshop provides you with the tools and techniques needed to motivate and inspire your employees, gain their commitment to the coaching process and implement action plans for improved performance.

Management Fundamentals

This series of workshops presented over a 2-day period is designed to help call centre managers, supervisors and team leaders develop the unique and specific skills required in managing the Contact Centre environment. From procedures which ensure you hire the best agents, an overview of contact centre technology, to management in a high performance centre, will equip your leaders with the skills required to successfully establish and operate a dynamic, progressive contact centre.

Customer Service Training
Forecasting and Scheduling

This is one of the many specialized courses we offer to our clients on an ongoing basis. Typically 60% to 75% of operational costs in a Contact Centre are human resources costs. The effective deployment of staff to achieve established queue and non-queue activities can be critical to effectively meeting established service levels and tightly controlling operational costs.

Customer Service Excellence

This is a one-day workshop designed to equip agents with the skills to effectively deal with internal and external customers in an inbound or outbound environment. This training is an interactive workshop with multiple role-plays that focuses on identifying the style of the caller and modifying your social style to effectively communicate with them. Special attention is given to communicating with difficult customers.

Outbound Selling Skills

Body language represents over 50% of the communications process effectiveness when selling face-to-face. In the Contact Centre environment CSRs must utilize their verbal communications skills to a much higher level to be as effective selling on the phone. This one day, dynamic workshop will allow both new and experienced agents to develop their communications skills and a better understanding of the sales process.

Technology Selection

Choosing the right technology is an extremely important aspect of having a successful and well-oiled contact centre. As such, we will provide you with all of the current, most up-to-date options available, so that your organization can leverage the best possible systems in order to maximize both your current and potential resources.

Circumference offers services that will identify your specific requirements when selecting the most appropriate systems, software and vendors.

  • Requirements definition
  • Cost justification
  • Specifications/RFP development
  • Vendor analysis and selection

Performance Management & Metrics

Contact centre performance measurements will certainly vary from business to business; however, the ultimate goal of most of them is to show results that improve the quality of customer’s interactions within a specified budget. Circumference industry experience will provide your organization with guidance on how to identify requirements that will effectively measure customer contact and operational processes. As a result, we your previous reports can be reviewed, defined and designed to demonstrate how your contact centre is providing value.

Our extensive evaluation process will be able to identify what you need to measure as well as its relationship to your business strategy; all metrics required to effectively gauge your contact centre’s performance; and what needs to be done in order to achieve the same set of goals with your employees, processes, and current/future technologies.