Data Migration

Data Migration for your Mission-Critical Business Systems

Many businesses have thousands, even millions, of records that need to be entered into their new database platform. Not only can this process take months of labor-intensive work without the right tools, it also very risky due to how important can be data is. As a result, moving data from a legacy system to a new one is often very stressful. Not only that, it has potential to be a very costly endeavor, especially if you plan on hiring a large team of data entry staff. There is a solution - Our Data Migration Services.

Data migration is one of the lesser known and least understood disciplines in all of IT and the business world, as many people within organizations have little to no experience with such a task. As such, it is invaluable to seek out experts that specialize in this field. Perhaps you assume that your data has been migrated successfully and that you are now able to move on and proceed to directly test your new business processes. Unfortunately, data migration never goes exactly as planned for many reasons.

Here at Circumference, we have both the expertise and the tools needed to extract the data from your legacy systems, spreadsheets, and data files into your new database; you will have the choice of various platforms either on-premise or into the cloud. In addition, our advanced tools have the ability to easily adapt to any new platform. Circumference has a long history of focusing on data migration best practices, so your organization will have a peace-of-mind that our services will be completed with the utmost quality-driven results. No matter what type of data you need migrated—whether it be documents, financial data, operational data, material and asset data, or purchasing data—we will thoroughly manage consistency of our output . Your users will likely not even know that any form of data transfer is taking place.

Some of the Data Migration Services that we offer, include;

IFS Data Migration

IFS Data Migration is the method of loading data from external sources into the application core objects in IFS Applications. As such, we have the experience and tools required to efficiently handle all of your IFS migration needs; we can also provide you with technical staffing both for the short and long term.

Other IFS services that we offer include:

  • End-to-end implementations of IFS and rollouts, nationally and internationally
  • IFS technical and functional upgrades and migrations from other systems
  • Project management, consulting, design and programming of customized business/module specific solutions
  • BI and BA analysis, dashboards and customized reporting
  • Maintaining your IFS ERP system

SharePoint migration

Circumference can also assist with SharePoint migration, including:

  • One SharePoint version to another
  • One Enterprise Content Management systems to SharePoint based ECM
  • File systems to SharePoint
  • Exchange public folders to SharePoint
  • Blog Migration
  • Website Migration

Data Conversion

As time progresses, data is often collected and stored in formats that are often conflicting as well as across multiple different systems. With our conversion approach and extensive experience in large scale data conversion, we can convert data to any acceptable format so that it will be consistent across all of your databases.

Email Migration

Migrate your Email Data from costly hosting providers for more control. If your company hosts all its email with third party servers and looking to migrate due to limited functionality and expensive fees, we can migrate your data. As a result, you will then have control over all hosted emails as well as return them inside of your company’s firewall.

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