Management Services

Management of your Mission Critical Responsibilities

Using our management services will create many beneficial results: we can help oversee day-to-day management responsibilities and functions all the while offering suggestions for improving operations and lowering costs. We take a hands-on approach because we believe that being genuinely involved in a project will allow us to ensure that your project(s) are completed exactly the way you intended. We can also help you keep your project from sidetracking and ensure that it remains as close to your original project conception as possible.

Fractional Management

Sometimes you will find yourself in need of specialized management skills that your team doesn’t currently posses. Employing an expert on a full time basis will be extremely expensive. To remedy this, you can hire our management services for just a portion of the time on a pay-as-you-go system.

Here are the following fractional management services we can offer to help you become as efficient as possible when achieving your goals:

Project Management
  • SCRUM / Agile methodologies
    This type of management focuses on collaboration, functioning software, team self-management, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing business realities.
  • IT Project Manager
    Let us help you plan, organize and deliver your organization's specific information technology goals.
  • Peer group code review
    We can organize and implement peer code reviews in order to optimize and improve code quality, which helps make the best use of developers’ time.
C-Suite Management

The C-suite is often considered the most important and influential people within a company, so it becomes a serious issues when your company loses one of those positions. We can offer our extensive experience in temporarily replacing senior executives, including, but not limited to:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • CITO
  • CRO
  • CSO
Contact Centre / Service Desk Management

Having cost-effective and efficient contact centres/service desks is extremely important. Our management services will ensure that you will keep up to date with new technologies, properly segment customer demographics, leverage the Cloud, and can help to achieve your goals.

Management Mentoring

In order to keep up with your industry, businesses absolutely need to have a management mentoring program. Your company’s executives and managers are certainly among your most valuable assets. We can provide effective management mentoring programs, which will result in more efficient and content employees committed to a better bottom line.

Other Management Services

Strategy and Business Planning

This is necessary for company growth and success, as we can provide you with the tools to track your company’s growth, create an attainable budget and to prepare for unexpected changes in your industry.

Performance Management

Customer and case Let us help you develop a process where managers and employees can efficiently plan, monitor and review work objectives and overall contribution to the organization.

Change Management and Training

We can offer you a structured approach to make upcoming and current changes within your company are thoroughly and seamlessly implemented.