Process Optimization Services

Services to Optimize your Mission Critical Processes

Process Improvement and Optimization helps you maximize your business’ potential in order to get the highest performance as possible from your current processes; simply put, there’s always room for improvement. Since these processes are related to the business world, it can be either an exhausting and inefficient endeavor or it can be organized and productive. We offer the latter, as our goals are to systematically minimize cost while maximizing the throughput, effectiveness, and efficiency of your business.

Let us help you improve your business with our extensive Process Optimization experience is the following areas:

Contact Effectiveness Services

Contact Centre Effectiveness

If your company relies on a contact centre for its user support, it’s very important for it to have an effective and cost efficient methodology. Whether its resistance to new technologies, the inability to segment customer demographics, or you’re simply not leveraging the Cloud, we can help to achieve your goal in having an effective Contact Centre.

Service Desk Optimization

Having a first-rate service desk is paramount when it comes to customer satisfaction. Optimizing the ticketing system, self-service knowledge base, real-time reporting, and more can go a long way. Let us help you accomplish this!

Training Development

Training is vital to expanding the knowledgebase of your employees; however, it can become very costly. Additionally, employees will likely miss a significant amount work time if not done effectively, which can throttle your workflow and delay projects. We will be able to maximize your training plan’s efficiency all the while focusing on minimal downtime.

Fractional Management

Sometimes there is a requirement for specialized management skills that are not currently available on your team. Instead of employing an expert on a full time basis, which can be extremely expensive, you can hire us for just a portion of the time on a pay-as-you-go system.

Other Process Optimization Services

Contact Management Strategy

Utilizing your Contact Centre Strategic Vision, we can lead your organization in the development of a Contact Management Strategy. This involves the development of "Current State Model", a snapshot of the present capabilities of the Contact Centre. Once this is known the information is then compared your organization to leading practice organizations in six different business functional areas. With this information we will then facilitate a process to determine where your organization needs to move to fulfill its' Strategic Vision and develop a plan with you to help you get there.

Customer and Case Relationship Management

Customer and case relationship management are the processes which businesses use to interact with both current and future customers. Let us leverage current technology and our experience to help increase your company’s value by improving and expanding on your current customer relationship model.

Performance Measurement

It is very beneficial to quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s past actions. It demonstrates how well organizations are currently managed as well as the value they offer to their customers. We can offer our expertise in this area to significantly increase your bottom line.

Help Desk Consulting

The key to a superior help desk or customer support center consists of well documented, high-quality policies and procedures. We can eliminate indecisiveness, increase efficiencies, and create an effective outline for future expansion.

Technical Development

We can manage and help with the technical aspects of a development project during its entire life cycle as well as negotiate with stakeholders concerning costs, planning, and resourcing. We will provide technical expertise needed to help make your project a success.