Transitioning To An Industry 4.0 Capable Factory:

An Essential Step To Future-Proofing Your Manufacturing Operations.

The Circumference Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment

Industry 4.0 readiness is about connectivity, visibility, and meaningful reporting of the activities of your manufacturing operations. Tier 1 and 2 companies need to be fully connected or they will vanish. Their supply chain partners need to reach some level of compliance with Industry 4.0 standards, or they too will vanish. What level do you need to reach? Our experts will not just help you answer this question, but also work with you to build solutions using the equipment you already own.

There are often two significant roadblocks to becoming Industry 4.0 ready. One is the trepidation of embarking on a large scale project that will be disruptive and costly. Secondly, even once it's accepted that changes are absolutely needed, progress may be further stalled because no one has a clear idea – or perhaps any idea – of where to start. 

The Circumference Industry 4.0 readiness assessment addresses both of these concerns. The assessment itself is non-invasive and includes an examination of your current processes and systems, an identification of gaps and bottlenecks that will need to be addressed, and recommended steps to resolve any issues according to a schedule and budget that works for you.

Importantly, the assessment answers the question of where to begin by providing an objective picture of your current state of operations that can be realistically bridged to the state of operations you need to achieve. What does that end state look like, exactly? That too is answered, once you have an objective understanding of your starting point.

Get Ready. Be Ready.

Use the accompanying form to request your Industry 4.0 readiness assessment, or call Stephen McInnes at 519-897-0499. It's the best step you can take to get your company ready for the emerging connectivity needs of your customers and supply chain partners.

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Our complimentary readiness assessment is all about understanding how your business shapes up now, understanding where it needs to be to keep pace with emerging customer requirements, and understanding how to get it there in the least disruptive and budget friendly way.